Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 2012

Dear february,please moves faster. I can' t wait to put a stop sign at the end of this month. Everyday i'm counting days. Just can't wait.


Monday, February 6, 2012

MMU vs LimKokWing

Conversation with me and my client during a photoshoot in the studio today.

Client: Do u learn photography before?
Me: Yes,of coz.
Client: Where do you study?
Me: Multimedia University.
Client: Ohh MMU,then ur photography skills must be bad.
Me: how sure are you?
Client: i know,MMU is our rival.
Me: Are u from LimKokWing?
Client: how do you know?
Me: ohh well,i knew it. LimKokWing is our enemy. Hahaha..
Client: I'm just kidding btw.. :D

Client: You know how to play with kids and your photos are good. LimKokWing students are good in photography,but they don't know how to play with kids.
Me: thanks.. ^__^



Tiba2 dah bulan February 2012. Time moves super fast. Everyone is getting engaged and getting married. Congratulations guys.

#Kumpul duit,nak kawin jugak.