Thursday, January 19, 2012


A few friends at the same age with me started to move on to the next big step in life which is getting engaged and get married. Million congratulations to all of you. :)

I'm slowly feel the pressure now.. O_o

So who's next?

*I really enjoyed cooking at home,especially during my off day. Untung lah future husband aku sebab aku suka masak, nanti dia tak yah susah2 tapau makanan kat kedai hari2..Ha ha ha..*



Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hello 2012,proud to see you! Please be nice to me and be the most meaningful year in my life.

So many things happened in 2011,bad and good things are equal i guess..

- Done with FYP! I got A for this subject.. :D
- Being a jobless person for 6 months.
- Graduated & Convocation.
- 1st interview & 1st job.
- Got my 1st real salary.
- Moved out from parent's house and stay with my sister. And might be moving to another house soon,MAYBE..Well,will see how..

Since i've entered working life,i don't really have much time to update this blog, plus my life is a bit dull and plain boring lately. Nothing much that i do every day. Woke up every day, go to work, going back home and sleep. That's the routine now.

My journey for 6 days in a week:
Mid valley > LRT Universiti (with bus)
Unversiti > Taman Jaya > Asia Jaya > Taman Paramount > Taman Bahagia > Kelana Jaya (with LRT)
Kelana Jaya > OneUtama (with bus/taxi)

Yes,it's super duper tiring,especially when my shift ended at 10pm. I will reach home almost 12am..
10am-6pm, 12pm-8pm, 2pm-10pm

Now, i super duper hate WAITING..But i have no choice, the only thing that i can do is to wait..Wait for everything,which is sucks! Waiting is tiring, waiting is kinda wasting my time..Hopefully this waiting will end soon. I hope so.

I'm tired.