Monday, December 19, 2011

End of December.

At first they said,"we will close this store on Christmas"..And the next day they said,"we are going to open this store on Christmas"..Super sadddddddddd!

I don't really care about the "triple pay" for that day,i need a break..It's public holiday,come on!

I miss my family in terengganu,missing them super much! I wanna go home..Chinese new year,please come faster,i'm waiting and i can't wait!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's December..

Hello readers (if there's any readers)..

It has been a while since the last update,been busy with my new working life.
From Pavilion,i've been shifted to OneUtama branch,so if u come to OneUtama,just gimme a call.. :D (except on Wednesday,i'm off on Wednesday)
Working life is just awesome! I love my job,the new routine,everything is fun..(except the part when i have to face some "angry clients or diva clients")
When i concentrate too much on my work,i tend to forget to take a break and eat something,which is not really good for my stomach.When the busy day comes,i don't even have time to go to the washroom,and when there's nothing to do,i'm super bored in the studio.
Bila takde keje,usha orang lalu-lalang dpn studio n tengok orang makan dekat Tutti Frutti..Kadang2 nampak la 2-3 familiar faces.. XD

And few close people are getting married soon!!! Aaaaa stresss! Nak kawen jugak! Where is my future husband? Lets get married by the end of next year k! XD

Stesen KTM Subang dekat dengan Empire tak?