Monday, March 29, 2010


Ok la tu title,kene gila dgn situasi hidup skrg..Semua benda nak gelabah,kelam-kabut,serabut,semak,and yang penting busy gilaaa!

Minggu ni ade 3 submission:-
1- Media Law (presentation n submission,kjap lg,pukul pnye assignment)
2- Sound Design (submission hari Khamis,individual assignment)
3- Interactive Design (proposal utk Assignment 2,submit Khamis jugak)

And lepas ni,berderet lagi assignments tgh beratur,mmg matiiiii..

Final utk National Dance lmbat lg,bulan May..Tp kene practice jugak utk Festari nti,dis week kene start practice..Gatalsgtnakjoin,padanmukadirisendiri..

Tawaf satu OU nak cari dress,heels n blablabla for ACMA,tp satu ape pun tak beli..Dress yang lawa mahal,yang lawa singkat,yang lawa seksi..So,sekian terima kasih je la..Makan jugak yg banyak..Seafood tempura,takoyaki,juice works,vienna bagels (byk pulak tu dpt free)..

Post n fax resume..Penting niiiiii!!!

Tiba-tiba homesick..

Ok bye!

Multitasking! =))

//It's okay to just sit in an empty house and cry,the walls hold in what you can't//


Friday, March 26, 2010

Simple thought,yet meaningful...

Found this on Tumblr.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

For Sale!!!

Ladies,take a look at this!

Condition: Still in a very good condition
Size: Can fit size 6 and 7
Price: RM45 only (including postage)
It is too small for my feet so I've decided to sell it.
If you are interested,please send me an e-mail;


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Busy..Serious tak tipu..


Friday, March 19, 2010

Midsem breaks...

Steps Zapin dah hafal,

Update blog sbb tamaw tido,tunggu Subuh,tido kang konfem terlajak terus..Gmbr da transfer,so rajin sikit.. =)

Tak byk bende/cite pun masa cuti midsem haritu,mostly duduk rumah je,boley kira brp kali keluar rumah..Byk spent time dpn laptop n dpn tv..

@LCCT with Kamil n Ajwad..

Bila kt rumah wajib baking,plus ade org request..Buat carrot cake again,tak amek gmbr sbb mcm rushing sikit mase buat,rupa pun TAK lawa,tp nasib baik rasa ade..Hehe..Lps tu buat cupcakes vanilla n chocolate..First time try buat cuppies,bila bab buat frosting tu,tettt,failed! Harap maaf! ^_____^

Cheezy Black pepper Meatballs..Kak Wani buat,not me.. =D

Hari Selasa,9hb March 2010 paling AWESOME!!! Enough said! =)

Wedding..Hari Sabtu pegi Dungun ikot Kak Wani pegi kenduri Kak Huda,ex-student MMU..Paling jauh la tu pegi Dungun..Kesian saye..

Kak Huda's wedding..

Haa tade idea da nk type ape..Cukupla tu update..Bye!


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Tuanpunyablog bizi sikit,banyak kerja kene buat..

Sepatutnya sekarang kena baca notes sound design sbb pukul 2pm harini ade quiz,30 minit jeeee,30 minit okey,tp kene baca lecture notes from week 1-7..Huhh gila apeeeee..malasmalasmalas..Bukak satu2 notes,baca skip baca skip skip skip,baca,okey dah,tutup!

Jumaat submission utk Diagram Design,first assignment..

Sabtu pagi midterm test utk Media Law.. *muntah hijau*

Sekarang tiap2 malam smpai la hari Isnin start pukul 8pm smpai suka hati nk stop pukul brp,ade practice menari..I menari u! Hahaha..Weekend pun practice jugak la kot,pagi petang malam,tak ingat steps weyy,mcm mane nk menari,cuakkk! Paling cuak time menari Zapin,susah btol nk ingat steps..Bila dah ingat,kembang lubang hidung..Haha..Selasa dpn ade test utk National Dance neh + submit assignment skali..

Tak dpt tgk Glee episode 8,sumpah menyampahhh..geramgeramgeram!

*entry tidak bergambar,malas nk transfer gmbr n malas nk amek gmbr..hehe..*


Monday, March 15, 2010

Ohh nooo!

Cuti midsem dah habis..Tp rase mcm tgh cuti lg now..Kelas???Assignments??Ohh nooo! >.<

Haven't start compiling my works for my portfolio..Artwork2 pun kuranggggg je..Ohh mannn,bln March ni mmg kene struggle la buat artworks..

Kene buat resume baru..Yg dulu punya hilang,tataw save kt mane..Rase mcm kene buat this week jugak,sbb nk post n fax dkat companies yg bg respon haritu..Mintak2 dpt tempat intern kt kuala terengganu,AMIN! Ohh td jmpe lg 1 company,okey nti call..

Saket perot satu hari..Perot mcm washing machine pusing2..Rase mcm sungguh slim mcm papan lapis harini..

Td pc buat hal,selang due tiga minit die off sendiri..It's really really reallyyyyy annoying..Bukak casing sikit,settle!

Okey nak tido,kelas pukul 9am..Bye..

*Happy 4th birthday to my niece,Fatin Nadhirah..I know she won't be reading this,membaca pun blom reti lg..Hehe..Kakak,cik su loves u! *


Friday, March 12, 2010

Girl vs Woman...

I took this from CLEO,Issue no. 173,March 2010..

1. As a girl you used to dress for the boys.
As a woman you will dress for other women.
(Girls invariably dress-up with the aim of enhancing their sex appeal, pairing snazzy pants with flashy blouses or short skirts with spaghetti-strap tops.Women, on the other hand, no longer care about what men think of their butts or legs or boobs.This is not to say that they are slobs.It's just that their motivations for looking good are more mature,you might say.They dress,in effect,for women.)

2. As a girl you used to look for a job that will make you happy.
As a woman you will find happiness in your work,whatever it is.
(The average career of any 20-something female may be characterised by a spell of avid job-hoping during the ages of 18 and 26,followed by a series of more permanent positions that last for anything between two years and two decades.This is when the girl transitions to a woman.She finally understands that it is not the job's responsibility to make her happy,but her responsibility to be happy doing the job.)

3. As a girl you used to go for the cutest guy a girl like you could find.
As a woman you will go for the smartest guy a woman like you can find.
(We might start out looking for virile guys whom we think will give us lots of strong babies,but as soon as we leave the relative comfort of our parent's homes and start carving out our own existence,we realise that the world is over-populated and that while babies are nice,they are also expensive.That's not to say that women don't want babies anymore,because they do.The characteristics women look for choosing a life partner are more to do with a man's potential in his career rather than his looks.)

4. As girl you used to get by with fast food,slimming belts and four hours of sleep.
As a woman you will watch your diet,exercise regularly and make sure you rest well.
(If you're still having trouble imagining the weight of your unhealthy living coming back to haunt you,consider this easy comparison: If you smoke for 2 years,your teeth will turn yellow.If you smoke for 10 years,your whole mouth turns grey.And it will never go back to normal.Women take charge of their lifestyle choice for the sake of their health and beauty.Girls who are ready to should do the same.)

5. As a girl you used to shop,shop,er,shop.
As a woman you will earn,budget,shop and save.
(If there is one thing that separates and adults from an adolescent,it is their attitudes towards money.Money makes the world go round,and if you don't start saving now,you'll never be able to catch up with your life's plans.Women understand that compound interest - the interest you earn on your interest - means the sooner they start saving for their retirement, the better. Marc Jacobs shoes and Prada handbags will be of little comfort in your old age.However,a comprehensive medical plan and mature trust fund will.)

6. As a girl you used to argue or give in; bluster and fight.
As a woman you will speak up or compromise; listen and apologise.
(Unfortunately,girls rarely realise how valuable family and friends are until they are gone.Women,however,learn to hang on to the good people in their lives in spite of all their little disagreements - the world is a nasty place full of liars and users and manipulators,and you take what you can get.If it means walking away to save yourself grief,so be it,too.)


Friday, March 5, 2010

Beli pakai,bukan simpan...

Midsem breaks 1 week dah start (kelas je la xde,tp assignments bertimbun mcm gunung),but i'm still here,in Cyber..Hehehe..Ahad malam bru balik..Chill2 dulu bru balik.. =D

Update blog sbb suke buat2 tade keje,so TERupdate la 1 entry baru..Hehe...Ohh td share cookies dgn Gemok,sweet kan??sweet kan??Hihihi..

Sbnrnye nk ckp bln February da byk sgt spent duit pegi beli mcm2..Hehe i can't stop.. ^___^

Ni hasil spent bulan December 09 + January + February..Hehehe..Secara xsedar,bila sedar tgk2 dah 5..Tu pun ade niat nak beli lg..Hihihi..
Ni baru sket baju yg gantung,yg berlipat banyakkkkk lg..But still beli lg yg baru..Hehe..
Dlm ni banyakk lg baju2 lain..Bila nk pakai,korek2 dlm ni,last2 kene lipat balik..

Part kasut/sandal tu,ade 1 yg rase nk jual sbb xmuat..Kaki size giant,mane nk muat ngn size ketot..Pdhal beli dah size 8,still kecik jugak..Kene pakai size 9 jugak bru muat..Nti lah decide nk jual ke x.. >.<

Tgk,merepek2 pun dah terhasil lg 1 entry xde motif..Hehehe.. ^__^


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Serabuttt sungguh!
Banyak kerjaaa!
Kesimpulannya,otak jadi macam ini la sekaranggg!
Harap paham!

*Random design,main bantai saja buat guna Photoshop,semalam n petang tadi..*